Air & Gas Dryer Manufacturers

Nutech Air Projects is a leading company of Air & Gas Dryer Manufacturers. We are having a team of trained and professional engineers who has aimed at manufacturing the best quality of Air & Gas Dryers with the help of advance technology and superior skills. We are manufacturing the machinery which helps in the prevention of any type of moisture in the pipe lines.

All About Manufacturing

Air & Gas Dryer 

Air & Gas Dryer Manufacturers are making them in the most compact size by connecting it through the compressed inlet and outlet. It has made stationary and requires the least maintenance for its survival. It has made with the certain dew point between -40 deg. C till – 70 deg. C. It is made with the modified version of silencer which causes low noise. This air dryer has designed for Indian conditions of the atmosphere.

Therefore, Air & Gas Dryer Manufacturers are making them easy to install and offer at the reasonable rates in the industry standards. Now, we are offering you the best and durable product until the long run.


Most industrial compressed air systems and various other applications of air and gas dryers involve the use of heatless compressed air and gas dryer systems. High-pressure air & gas drying systems also use these compressed air and gas dryers in many of their applications. Nutech Air Project in heatless air & gas dryer manufacturing.


There are four types of Air Dryers


A refrigerated air dryer commonly used for drying other plant applications of compressed air and other useful gases such as seal gas, hydrogen gas for cooling generators, nitrogen gas drying, and more.


There are two types of utensils in our heatless dryer design, which are very beautiful. These towers automatically cycle, producing continuous dry air. A small portion of the dry air has passed down through the desiccant bed to another vessel, which is subject to sublimation.


Heat reacted dryers are used when one needs a very low dew point at (-) 60 ° C or (-) 80 ° C compressed air. In this design, the desiccant is regenerated at high temperatures, along with a small amount of dry air.


Our hydrogen generators supply very dry gases, with a dew point as low as (-) 65 ° C. We also provide measurement equipment to detect gas dryness online.

Features Provided By Air & Gas Dryer:

  • Provides a shuttle valve for low-pressure drop controlled by the microprocessor.
  • Equipped with a built-in microprocessor-based controller.
  • Equipped with a pre-filter containing a borosilicate glass fibre element.
  • They have controllers with attractive functional displays that are programmable.
  • They preserved under smooth action despite tower changes.
  • The moisture load reduced by the auto drain valve in the pre and oil filters. Hence, life is safe at no extra cost.
  • The latest microprocessor-based controller incorporates a unique pure economizer, which facilitates the manual setting of dryer loads. This device can not only accept up to 3 compressors load / unload contacts, but also calculate the dryer load dynamically.