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Used in instrument, fluid power, and process air applications, dryers can be used intermittently or continuously. Dryers are often used for specialty gas drying including carbon dioxide for beverage production, nitrogen for chemical padding and hydrogen drying.

Internally heated regenerative air dryer is the full line industrial duty internally heated regenerative air dryer. The compressed air laded with moisture vapor enters the system through the right inlet valve and proceeds to enter the desiccant bed through the stainless steel diffuser screen. The air flows up from the bottom of the tank to the top allowing separated and condensed liquid to remain at the bottom of the vessel not contaminating the rest of the desiccant.

The dehydrated compressed air then exits the right vessel through the top stainless steel diffuser screen, and past the outlet check-valve. The adsorbent purge air enters the vessel in the primary heater tube flowing down while it reaches regeneration temperature. It then enters the secondary heater tube where the purge flow returns to the top of the desiccant bed and flows down heating the desiccant bed and collecting moisture from the desiccant.

This dryer provides an efficient, economical and easy to maintain method of drying compressed air and gases. Available in flows from 150 through 3000 cfm, these models provide dry air through the efficient use of convection, conduction and radiant heat. A small amount of compressed air is used to dry the desiccant during the regeneration. The drying medium (Silica Gel or Activated Alumina) is contained in two carbon steel pressure vessels.

While chamber-1 is drying, air is passed over an electrical heater embedded in chamber-2 and carries out the disrobed moisture of this chamber. This type of system utilizes about 2-3% of the gas as a purge. It is an ideal system for gases requiring ultra low drying like dew-points up-to (-80°C). Each column remains in line for about 6 hours. For regeneration, the desiccant is heated for about 3 hours and then cooled for another 3 hours before changeover. The operation is fully automatic