Activated Alumina

Nutech Gas Plant is the leading Activated Alumina Suppliers. We are the recognize brand of this alumina which is made activated with the usage of cost effective advance technology. Activated alumina is the most important component of PSA Nitrogen Gas Plants.  Because Activated Alumina Suppliers provide high quality activated alumina produced under the given specification, which is most suitable for PSA Gas Plants and Air Dryer.

Why Choose Activated Alumina Suppliers

These are made with the general efficiency of maximum water absorption. These are also made viable for the thermal absorption processes. Firstly, Activated Alumina Suppliers are manufacturing and supplying them with the advanced features of oil filtration and air & gas drying process.

Benefits of Activated Alumina

We are manufacturing this activated alumina with a balanced temperature as per the requirement.

  • These are made with the lower outlet temperature in comparison to the inlet temperature.
  • These are made in this way simply passing the gas stream on a temperature above 160-185 degree Celsius.
  • It designed with the perfect technology to make it the best for air drying applications and that too at low temperatures.
  • The regeneration is done of activated alumina temperature which can be 260 degrees C.
  • It designed to have a high heat-absorbing capacity along with the least thermal conductivity.
  • It has manufactured to utilize them effectively in the drying processes.
  • These are design and manufacture with the ultra-technology and defined skills of our expert team.
Physical Parameters Value
Size 4 to 6 mm
Bulk Density 0.65 to 0.72 gms/ ml
Surface Area 300 m2/gms
Pore Volume 0.40 Ml / gms
Crushing Strength 130 N/particle
Chemical Composition / Parameters Value
AL2O3 93 %
SiO2 0.10 %
Fe2O3 0.04 %
Na2O 0.35-0.45 %

Packing of Activated Alumina

This Activated Alumina is available in two packings

1. 25 Kgs Air Tight Paper Plastic Bags
2. 100 Kgs Galvanized air tight steel drum