Nutech Air Project, Nickel Catalyst Suppliers are engaging a large collection of Nickel Catalyst. We stock and Supply Nickle Catalyst used in Ammonia Cracker, Nickel Catalyst has provided with the properties. It is use in the ammonia decomposing furnace to decompose the HN3 in to N2, H2.

About the Nickel Catalyst Suppliers

Nutech Air Project is the recognized brand of Nickel Catalyst Suppliers. We are the leading suppliers of these nickel catalyst. We are producing these nickel catalyst which used in the hydrogenation or in the reduction reactions which takes place in the chemical industry for any type of organic chemicals. These are highly active in reacting with the metal sludge.

The entire procedure of these nickel catalyst helps in removing the catalytic inactive metal away from the alloy by getting dissolved. To make out this catalyst, the alloys of nickel, cobalt gets to fuse with the aluminium.

Minimum Order Quantity 100 Kilogram
Usage Industrial, Organic Chemistry.
Physical Form Granules
Grade Standard Bio-Tech Grade
Material Nickel Catalyst, Ni2B
Packaging Type On Dry basis
Melting Point 1455 °C
Density 0.60-0.75
Color Gray Black
CAS Number 3815 1100
PH Value 09-11
Raw Material Nickel, Aluminum, NaOH, Cu
Molecular Weight 128.20 g

NOTES: Nickel Catalyst Uses: Alloys (electronic resistant alloys, low-alloy steel, stainless steel, copper, brass), In paper board in contact with dry food, electroplating, catalyst for methanation of fuel gases, electroformed coatings, catalyst for hydrogenation of vegtable oils, alkaline storage batteries, fuel cell electrodes, direct food additive, food processing aid.

This nickel catalyst has an important place in the chemical industry. These are the best efficient catalyst used widely in the chemical structures. We have a trained and professional team of personnel’s who are actively involved in doing these reactions with complete concentration and efficacy. Nickel Catalyst Suppliers are supplying these nickel catalyst in the reasonable charges in the market.

Features Provided By Nickel Catalyst Suppliers:

  • Long-time Durability
  • Developed in a hygienic environment
  • Easily recyclable nature
  • Corrosion & abrasion resistance
  • Accurate composition
  • No side-effects

Additional Information:
Production Capacity: 10 MT

Delivery Time: 7 Days

Packaging Details: 10-50 Kg Or As per Customer Requirements.

Producer: Nutech Air Project “The Best Nickel Catalyst Suppliers