Exo Gas Generator Manufacturers

Nutech Air Projects is a leading  the company of Exo Gas Generator Manufacturers in India Market. We are working to manufacture the best range of Exo gas Generators. Also sourcing the superior quality of raw material and spare parts from the exclusive vendors in the market.

We are working with a team of trained and professional engineers who are using their best skills and abilities to manufacture these generators. We are a renowned firm as Exo Gas Generator Manufacturers in India.

Essentials of Exo Gas Generator Manufacturers

We are concerned majorly about the controlled process of an atmosphere which requires the control in carbon exchange. Exo Gas Generator Manufacturers are manufacturing these Exo Gas Generators in regard to the fundamental importance taken place for carbon in checking out the mechanical properties of steel. The process which has involved in these types of machinery is based upon the catalytic cracking of LPG or natural gas accompanied with the coming up of air.

We are using advanced technology while manufacturing this machinery or say the generators. These Exo Gas Generators widely used in the multi-story apartments or say industrial purposes.

Our clients are able to manage them at their factories to enable themselves with the gas management and balance in their endothermic atmospheres.

These are so many reactions of gases taking place in the environment so in order to manage and balance out that environment. There is a great need to manage the carbon steels with the help of heat treatment.

Exo Gas Generator Manufacturers are offering the well-engineered products with great efficacy and efficiency at reasonable rates and at low maintenance cost.

The process is based on single catalytic cracking of LPG or natural gas with accompanying admission of air at such a rate that the product gas after cracking contains only CO, H2, N2 and traces of CO2 and moisture.

  • CO: 28 to 30 %,
  • H2: 20 to 25 %,
  • CO2: 0.1 to 0.5 %,
  • N2: Balance Our endothermic gas generator consists of a mixer unit, cracking retort, gas cooler and control panel. All types of equipment have accommodated in a single compact unit. The reaction takes place in presence of high activity catalyst at a working temperature around 1050 deg C. Heating of the retort is affected electrically by heating elements around the retort.

Feed Stock: LPG or Natural Gas.
Capacities: 5 NM3/hr to 100 NM3/hr packaged unit.

Applications of Exo Gas Generator

Exo Gas Generator exo-gas (lean ratio) these atmospheres ranging from 90 % to 98 5 of perfect combustion have the following composition : • Co2: 11 to 13 % • Co: 0. 5 to 1. 5 % • H2: 0. 5 to 2 % • N2: balance these are normally used for bright annealing of copper, scale-free annealing of brass and similar operation on non-ferrous metals. The presence of reducing constituents Co & H2 will effectively prevent the oxidation of many metals. These atmospheres are, therefore, ‘reducing’. However, since the appreciable amount of CO2 is present, the atmosphere becomes decarburizing in character. The exothermic atmosphere with CO2 and water removed both CO2 and water vaporous are decarburizing agents. When held to the minimum, they do not present too serious an interface to the expected use. In certain application, only water needs to be removed from the gas.

Type of Exo-Gas Generator

• Raw Exo-Gas Type: Where the products of combustion are directly used as. Protective gas. • Partially Dry Exo-Gas Type: Certain applications require only partial removal of moisture to prevent oxidation and decarburization. In these, the gas is passed through a refrigeration unit to reduce the dew point to around plus 5 deg c. • Perfectly Dry Exo-Gas Type: Wherever materials call for moisture free gas generator is followed by a refrigeration unit and then a packaged desiccant drier eg. Silica gel, alumina. Here the dew point of the product gas is reduced to around minus 40 deg c.


Natural Gas, LPG, Kerosene, Diesel. 10 nm3/hr to 1000 nm3/hr in various standard sizes.