Nutech Air Projects is a leading Carbon Molecular Sieve Suppliers. We are engaged in the manufacturing of versatile quality of carbon molecular sieves. Because these are made by using the highest quality of raw materials and spare parts in order to compile a great range of carbon molecular sieve. We are working with a team of trained and professional engineers who are involved in the manufacturing of carbon molecular sieves. Carbon Molecular Sieve is manufacturing under the supervision of well-engineered with the usage of advanced technology and high tech skills.

Nutech Air Project making these sieves by separating the nitrogen from oxygen in the neutral temperature and pressures effects. Carbon Molecular Sieve is made within the least investments. Carbon molecular sieve manufactured in the lesser time span.

The nitrogen also cost low to manufacture these sieves. Carbon Molecular Sieve Suppliers are suppling these carbon molecular sieves to apply them in the petrochemical industry. These also use in the metallic treatment.

We are using excellent functioning carbon molecules and making them in impressive characteristics like low dust formation and hardness. Carbon Molecular Sieve Suppliers supply Carbon Molecular Sieve in the customer’s opinion and best rates with durable and in the best quality range of competent product.

CMS (Carbon Molecular Sieve) for PSA Nitrogen Gas Plants

Firstly, Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS) always used as an absorbent for PSA NITROGEN GAS PLANTS. Molecular carbon sieve specializes in nitrogen separation of oxygen in a significant portion of natural gas processing under normal temperature and pressure. Also, this process has done with a PSA device (Pressure Change Adsorption). Carbon molecular sieve can absorb 10 ingredients less than Angstrom.


  • Dehydration of many types of fluids.
  • Dehydration of Air.
  • Dehydration of Refrigerant.
  • Dehydration of Natural Gas.
  • Methane separation for biogas upgrading
  • Dehydration of torn gas, ethylene, ethane, propylene
  • Highly porous (high surface area)
  • Relative analysis of C2-C5 n-alkanes is used for size molecules
  • Hydrophobic (can be used in high humidity climates)
  • As a world-leading manufacturer of CMS, OGC provides high-quality products for pressure swing adsorption
  • (PSA) applications
  • Widely used for nitrogen production in various industries up to 99.999% purity
  • Impressive mechanical properties and reliable quality

Key Features and Benefits of CMS:

  • It has been widely utilised in Petroleum Chemical Industry, Metal Heat Treatment, Electron Production
  • Excellent performance using carbon molecular sieves
  • Full satisfactory service including short lead time and competent advice on customer inquiries or demands
  • Impressive mechanical properties Like High Hardness, Low Dust Formation etc.
Description Working Pressure Nitrogen Purity Nitrogen Recovery
CMS 6 Kg/ Cm2 99.9% ≥34
99.5% ≥42
99.0% ≥47
98% ≥52

Physical Property of Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS)

Cyclic period: 2X 60 Second

Diameter : 1.5-2.0mm

Density: 630-660 g/l

Crushing Strength: ≥100 N/P MIN

Packaging: 20kg/40kg PVC plastic Container with a nitrogen seal.

Nutech Has 2 Types of Carbon Molecular Sieve

H-Type CMS

  • High Nitrogen gas generation type
  • Appropriate switching cycle is 60 sec.

S-Type CMS

  • Low Air consumption type
  • Appropriate switching cycle is 120 sec.